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We provide expert consulting for both drinking and wastewater systems, including sophisticated treatment processes and water supply management. Our services also include environmental water quality evaluations.

Water is a vital element in our daily lives, essential for sustaining life but not always readily available. In the Faroe Islands, water-related areas such as drinking water, wastewater, and industrial water applications are particularly significant.

At SMJ, our expertise spans water treatment systems, water supply, and wastewater management. We provide specialized consultation to municipalities and industrial clients on efficient drinking water treatment and eco-friendly wastewater management. Despite the Faroe Islands’ minimal wastewater treatment requirements, our knowledge extends to comprehensive wastewater purification using both mechanical and biological methods.

Our approach to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) involves utilizing natural ecosystems to tackle societal and environmental challenges like climate change, water management, and biodiversity conservation. This strategy includes preserving, restoring, or judiciously using land areas. In new projects, we aim to minimize ecological disruption and maximize the benefits, such as enhanced water absorption and CO2 capture.

We are committed to designing and implementing water systems of the highest quality that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and considerate of biodiversity and supply reliability.

Drinking Water

We design new piping systems, repair existing ones, and work on storage, pump stations, and sea outfalls for drinking water.


SMJ possesses specialized expertise in the analysis, preparation, and design of wastewater systems.

Industrial Water

Designing systems that ensure the industry has adequate water quality and quantities.


We design technical solutions for systems that enable the reuse of polluted water.

Energy Extraction

We consult on the energy potential of polluted water, which can be utilized for energy extraction.

Swimming Pool Technology

We possess extensive knowledge in operation, maintenance, sterilization, energy use, and indoor environments.

Nature Based Solutions

Integrating natural solutions into projects to ensure sustainable land and resource use, plus risk assessments and environmental impact advisories.

Planning a project?

For inquiries or discussions about potential projects, please contact us to arrange a focused, no-obligation consultation tailored to your needs.

Pætur Jakobsen

Managing director

Johan J. Joensen

Managing director

Árni Jakobsen

Chairman of the board

Consulting Engineering since 1969

SMJ Consulting Engineers was established in August 1969 by
Sofus M. Jakobsen, to whom the acronym SMJ refers.

SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting firms in the Faroe Islands, and we offer consulting within our four main areas: Building, Energy, Aquaculture, and Water.