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SMJ’s Journey

The journey of SMJ is a story of a company that has evolved and grown over the years. From our modest beginnings to becoming one of the leading consulting engineering firms, our path has been marked by commitment, innovation, and a constant desire to improve and expand our services.

The Journey

Founded in the Faroe Islands, we have expanded our reach and influence to include several Nordic countries, including Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Greenland. Over the years, we have not only increased our geographical footprint but also broadened our areas of expertise. Initially focusing on fundamental engineering services like HVAC and water supply, we have evolved to encompass a wide range of specialized services, including sustainable design, energy efficiency, and advanced IT and data management.

Our journey is also the story of our employees, whose dedication and expertise have been key to our success. We have always prioritized developing and supporting our team, resulting in strong interdisciplinary collaboration and a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

The History

In August 1969, S. M. Jakobsen Consulting Engineers was founded by Sofus Martin Jakobsen. Sofus, originally from Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands, had gained invaluable experience and knowledge through his studies and work abroad, particularly at the Polytechnic Institute in Copenhagen.

The firm’s goal was simple yet ambitious: to offer high-quality engineering consultancy services tailored to the unique environmental and practical needs of the Faroe Islands. This approach was innovative at the time, especially in the Faroe Islands, and Sofus quickly established a strong reputation for himself and his company in the local consulting industry.

In August 1969, S. M. Jakobsen Consulting Engineers was founded by Sofus Martin Jakobsen.

S. M. Jakobsen’s early focus was on projects related to plumbing, water supply, and environmental efforts. As the firm grew, it expanded its services to include HVAC and ventilation, adapting to the growing and changing needs of its clients.

The firm’s first major project was the sports hall at Hálsi, followed by several significant projects in the 1970s, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and the construction of a broadcasting house. One of Sofus’s major contributions in the 1980s was advising on the new Waterworks in Villingadal.

In 1982, the business became a family buisness with the establishment of P/F Sofus M. Jakobsen Consulting Engineers. In 1987, Sofus’s son, Árni Jakobsen, joined the company, marking the beginning of a new era. The late 1980s saw the company reach its peak in terms of staff and projects, but this was followed by a challenging period in the early 1990s due to an economic downturn.

However, the company persevered and gradually regained its momentum. The 1990s and early 2000s were marked by significant growth and diversification in services, including major projects like the expansion of the National Hospital in Tórshavn and the construction of the new building for the telecommunications company, Føroya Tele.

In 2003, Árni took over as CEO. The image shows the company’s founder, Sofus M. Jakobsen, and his son, Árni Jakobsen.

In 2007, the firm moved to larger premises to accommodate its growth. The acquisition of KJ-Elråd in 2013 further expanded the firm’s services in electrical engineering and fire safety consulting.

In recent years, SMJ has ventured into the aquaculture sector, contributing significantly to the development of Faroese salmon farming. This new direction underscores the firm’s adaptability and expertise in diverse areas.

In 2014, Árni’s son, Pætur Jakobsen, joined the firm, and under his leadership, SMJ has been involved in major aquaculture projects. The firm also underwent a rebranding, transitioning from P/F Sofus M. Jakobsen Consulting Engineers to SMJ Consulting Engineers.

The addition of Johan J. Joensen in 2018 as a project manager and later as a department head marked another phase of growth and development for the firm.

In 2019, SMJ moved to its current headquarters at Hoyvíksvegur 5 in Tórshavn. In addition to the headquarters, the firm now has branches in Klaksvík and Copenhagen.

Today, SMJ boasts a diversified portfolio that includes healthcare, energy, education, and more. With offices in the Faroe Islands and Copenhagen, the firm now extends its expertise beyond local projects to those in neighboring countries. In 2022, a generational shift occurred with Pætur Jakobsen and Johan J. Joensen stepping into leadership roles, and Árni becoming the chairman, marking a new chapter in the firm’s enduring legacy.