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Our Staff

The SMJ team is diverse, ranging from young talents to experienced professionals, hailing from various countries. We place great emphasis on fostering strong team cohesion. Our employees often enjoy long tenures with the company, making them highly regarded by potential future employers.

Our staff take significant responsibility, enjoy considerable freedom, and benefit from favorable working conditions.

We change nations and lives – one project at a time. We create conditions for more efficient resource utilization, for comfort in buildings, for industries to produce effectively, and for reducing environmental impact.

According to Petur Martin, the tasks he undertakes are both exciting and enriching. He is involved in projects in Iceland, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands. He enjoys the occasional work-related travel, which allows him to meet new people and experience different cultures.

Meet Petur Martin

Petur Martin joined KJ-Elráð in 2008 and has been a part of the company ever since, including after KJ-Elråd merged with SMJ in 2014.

On a daily basis, Petur Martin works on project management, automation, such as BMS/CTS and SRO, and general electrical engineering.

At times, project management takes precedence, where his responsibilities often include coordinating and planning, as well as communicating with clients and the industry at large. Other times, he gets the opportunity to delve deeper into his area of expertise. He says the best part of working at SMJ is the variety and the exciting, challenging nature of the tasks.

Petur Martin has been part of the journey from when there were only three people at KJ-Elråd to now, where he has over 50 colleagues, including those in different countries. He describes the journey as thrilling and rewarding, and he is proud to have been part of the growth over the past years.

Meet Kristian

Kristian is an engineer based at the Tórshavn office. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from Aarhus University and joined SMJ as an intern in 2020, later securing a permanent position.

Kristian’s daily work revolves around aquaculture projects, where he contributes to designing RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) and supporting systems for smolt stations in the Faroe Islands and neighboring countries. Leveraging his education, Kristian has developed the skills to take on significant responsibility in constructing systems at smolt stations.

He is particularly skilled in BIM (Building Information Modeling), where, among other responsibilities, he plays a major role in how SMJ utilizes tools like Revit. Early in his tenure, Kristian demonstrated initiative and courage in leading this area and now assists his colleagues daily with BIM/ICT issues. He is responsible for the internal BIM/ICT network group.

Kristian finds the variety of interesting tasks rewarding. He praises the excellent working conditions at SMJ and the positive workplace culture. According to him, there’s a balance between the seriousness of the work and moments of fun.

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Employee Advantages

We provide not only competitive salaries and robust insurance plans, but also a harmonious work-life balance. Our commitment extends to ensuring an optimal work environment for all our staff.

Relish the opportunity for ample relaxation with at least six weeks of annual vacation. Additionally, we offer flexible working hours to accommodate your personal needs.

Career Development

At SMJ, we believe that your personal development is integral to our collective success. Your objectives and the challenges of each project are thoughtfully aligned, providing you with a rich tapestry of experiences to advance your career.

Making a Difference

Joining our team means being a part of a larger movement – one that shapes the world, one project at a time. Your unique contributions are crucial in fostering innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Together, we achieve these goals alongside our valued clients across the Nordic region.

Employee Development

We prioritize recognizing and nurturing the unique talents of each team member. Understanding that everyone has different motivations for choosing their career path is crucial. By appreciating these diversities, we can offer more effective support to each individual. It’s essential for us that every employee feels valued and supported in their role.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

We’re always interested in hearing from individuals who are enthusiastic about SMJ. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our employees are the cornerstone of SMJ. We are committed to assembling our teams with relevant professional knowledge and personal qualities.

If you’re interested in joining SMJ, please contact us with your education details, certifications, resume, and share your personal qualities and motivation for reaching out.

We also offer internship opportunities and collaborate on academic projects.

Submit your application to [email protected].

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We’re eager to hear from those interested in joining our team. Feel free to reach out to our directors, Pætur or Johan.

Pætur at +298 233500 and email [email protected]
Johan at +298 233540 and email [email protected]