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Building a Sustainable Future: Expertise and Innovation in Diverse Construction Projects

The construction industry is a dynamic field, and at our company, we pride ourselves on our diverse experience in handling a wide array of construction projects. Our portfolio includes everything from sophisticated hospitals and state-of-the-art laboratories to functional office spaces and comfortable residential buildings. Central to our approach is a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality services. We believe in truly understanding our clients’ needs, ensuring that every project, regardless of its size, is treated with the utmost care and precision.

Our expertise spans across comprehensive consulting where we handle all design aspects of a project, ensuring a seamless integration of various elements. Additionally, we offer partial consulting for clients who need expert guidance on specific segments of their projects. This flexibility allows us to tailor our services to the unique requirements of each client.

In recent years, our focus has shifted significantly towards sustainability in construction. We actively work to enhance our expertise in sustainable practices, enabling us to provide informed advice and guidance to our clients. Our team has developed an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of different building materials, ensuring that selections are made with a keen eye on sustainability. This encompasses not just environmental sustainability but also social and economic aspects, ensuring a holistic approach.

We are also deeply invested in modern sustainability practices like CO2e accounting, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis, and obtaining certifications in sustainability. These practices form the core of our efforts to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future in construction.

By choosing us, you are not just selecting a construction partner; you’re embracing a team that is committed to quality, sustainability, and innovation, ensuring that your project not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Extensive experience in designing HVAC solutions for residential, industrial, and healthcare construction.


Custom ventilation system designs tailored to specific projects.


Expertise in optimizing municipal sewage systems.

Indoor Environment

Creating suitable indoor environments essential for comfort and productivity.


Consulting on both high and low voltage installations, including controls, lighting, and power systems.


Building systems management and control.

Lighting Calculation

Focused on quality, color rendering, temperature, and glare. Light control and regulation, also considering daylight.

IT and Data

IT equipment solutions like wireless networks, fiber optics, and server room planning.

Energy Systems

Customized designs based on energy and cost efficiency for optimal energy transition.

Fire Consulting

Leading advice on fire safety for new construction, existing building renovations, and remodeling. Certified fire consultants.

Sustainable Construction

Comprehensive approach to sustainability – environmental, social, and economic. CO2e calculations, LCA analyses, and sustainability

EMC and Surge Protection

Electrical systems designed with surge protection and harmonic current tolerance.

Planning a project?

For inquiries or discussions about potential projects, please contact us to arrange a focused, no-obligation consultation tailored to your needs.

Pætur Jakobsen

Managing director

Johan J. Joensen

Managing director

Árni Jakobsen

Chairman of the board

Helgeland Smolt Kilvik
Nuuk/Nuussuaq district heating connection
The School at Fløtum
Expansion of the Hospital in Tórshavn
The Sandoy Tunnel
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
Arctic Fish Facility
District Heating over Sandá
New Prince Henrik School
Nauteyri Smolt Farm          
Energy analysis in Kangaamiut
Energy analysis in Qasigiannguit
Energy analysis in Aasiaat
Sea Water Heating System in Klaksvík
The Eysturoyar Tunnel
Broodstock Facility in Skálavík                          
Expansion of the Sund Plant – Station 3
Hotel Brandan
Seqi Olivine mine.
Wind turbines in Nanortalik
Biofilter Startup             
Viðareiði Smolt Facility
Strond Smolt Facility
Sund Oil Tank House
Strond Substation
Á Hellunum Smolt Facility
Water Pipeline Across Skálafjord
School at streymin
Expansion of Vágs Power Plant
Church House in Hvannasund
The School at Skúlatrøð
Bakkafrost Production Facility in Glyvrar
HSO in Húsahaga
Switching Station at Húsareyn
Maritime House on Vestara Brygge
Town Hall in Eysturkommunu
District Heating in Gundadal
Table Top training
Updating and Expanding Kringvarp Føroya
District Heating Plant in Klingruni
Vágar Airport
Kambsdalur Upper Secondary School
The Technical School in Klaksvík
FSF Headquarters

Consulting Engineering since 1969

SMJ Consulting Engineers was established in August 1969 by
Sofus M. Jakobsen, to whom the acronym SMJ refers.

SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting firms in the Faroe Islands, and we offer consulting within our four main areas: Building, Energy, Aquaculture, and Water.