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Glasir is the largest educational institution in the Faroe Islands, with over 1,500 students and 250 staff members. At Glasir, one can pursue over 30 different educational programs. The majority of the students are enrolled in upper secondary and vocational education. Additionally, Glasir offers a range of higher and further education programs.

Glasir is a school that was formed after the merging of the Faroe Islands Gymnasium and HF-courses, the Faroe Islands Business School, and the Technical School in Tórshavn in 2015, and in 2018, it moved into a new building in Marknagil. Consequently, all students at Glasir are now gathered in Marknagil. The old business school building, located above the new building, houses some of the teaching and activities at Glasir, and the School Residence is sometimes used for teaching and events when needed.

Tasks of SMJ

Electrical engineering, including lighting calculations, electrical supply to the school, including mechanical installations, and fire safety consulting. In addition, SMJ has been responsible for project follow-up and professional supervision.

19.500 m²

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Kristmar E. Johannesen

Electrical Consultant

Boas P. Hansen

Electrical Consultant