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About Us

SMJ is a distinguished consulting firm from the Faroe Islands, extending its expert services across the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Greenland.

Year of Establishment


Our Services

Building- Energy- Aquaculture- Water

Corporate Identity

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High-quality consulting


A Team of Proficient Professionals

Commitment to Sustainability in Our Operations

Journey of SMJ

Our consultancy has consistently been broad-ranging, initially focusing on HVAC and water supply, evolving into the modern-day SMJ.

Expert Engineering Consultants

Consulting Engineers

Renowned for professional acumen and impartiality, prioritizing clients’ needs in planning and designing projects like buildings and technical systems, providing technical advice during construction.

Our Methodology

Projects follow structured phases. In Faroese, Danish, and Greenlandic projects, we adhere to “Byggeri og planlægning 2012 og 2018” standards, with different frameworks for Norway and Iceland.

Tailoring teams for each project, our project managers ensure completion within budget, on time, and with the right quality.


Essential for consulting engineers, our team excels in diverse project solutions, driving innovative and sustainable developments through their expertise.

Quality Management

Integral to well-organized projects, our focus is on comprehensive quality and risk management, ensuring cohesive and impactful project execution.

IT and Data

Leading in digital methodologies like 3D modeling, drone mapping, and handling extensive datasets, we utilize cutting-edge tools for any task.

Client-Centric Approach

Understanding each unique challenge to deliver the best service for specific needs, ensuring project success.

Our Offices


Hoyvíksvegur 5
100 Tórshavn

+298 35 35 00


Klaksvíksvegur 77
700 Klaksvík

+298 35 35 00


Digevej 114
2300 København S

+45 92 90 92 00