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Areas of Expertise

SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting firms in the Faroe Islands. We offer advisory services in our four main areas: Construction, Energy, Aquaculture, and Water. For over 50 years, we have either led or been a part of major projects in the Faroe Islands and our neighboring countries.

As a collaborative partner, we aim to provide high-quality engagement in every project we participate in, for instance, by demonstrating a dynamic involvement in the various developmental stages of the project:

  1. Design Phase – The process before the project is ready to commence
  2. Ongoing assessment and monitoring of the project while it is underway
  3. Quality Assurance, where we ensure the project has achieved its objectives upon completion.

With an interdisciplinary approach, we create a strong framework for a quality project, emphasizing the development of sustainable solutions that consider the future. We place great importance on ensuring that the service quality received by our clients is of a high standard. We strive to understand the client and their needs, not altering the task into something it isn’t – from the largest project to the smallest.