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SMJ boasts a team of skilled consultants adept at providing biological and technical services to the aquaculture industry. We specialize in designing solutions tailored to specific needs, ensuring seamless integration of technology and biology.

At SMJ, we have been involved in aquaculture projects for over two decades. Since 2015, our commitment to enhancing the services we provide to the aquaculture industry has intensified. Our evolution into a consultancy with profound expertise in aquacultural breeding facilities and their associated systems is a testament to our dedication. Our range of services spans from conceptual designs to meticulous detailing, ensuring high-quality advisory on technology, biology, and environmental aspects for comprehensive solutions.

In the realm of aquaculture, two pivotal elements – technical systems and biology – must be synergized. This necessitates a holistic evaluation for the construction or upgrade of any aquacultural facility. At SMJ, our team, comprising experts in both technical systems and biology, collaborate under one roof. This unique setup fosters robust interdisciplinary cooperation, enhancing both project optimization and customer service.

Our ethos at SMJ is leadership and proactive engagement. We centre our professional ethos on customer needs, task execution, and collaborative efforts. Our aim is to simplify the decision-making process for our clients by taking the initiative and offering guidance.


RAS systems help ensure a closer control of water parameters and limit the spread of disease, in addition water consumption can be minimized by 90%.


With sufficient water quantities, a flow-through system can be a viable solution, and we possess the necessary knowledge and experience to implement the system.


We offer our expertise in aquaculture to optimize operations at both new and existing smolt stations, in terms of both biology and technical systems.


Employees at institutions and companies receive training in biological and technical matters, so they are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Biological assessment

Biological assessment in aquaculture focuses on evaluating fish health, oxygen levels, disease indicators, water quality, and stress via mucus analysis for optimal fish welfare.

Technical assessment

We evaluate the technical solutions based on fish welfare and growth to ensure the best operation and consistently high water quality during production.

Support systems

Systems are engineered for maximum efficiency and fish health, with tanks, pipes, and pumps optimized for superior hydraulics and self-cleaning.

Planning a project?

For inquiries or discussions about potential projects, please contact us to arrange a focused, no-obligation consultation tailored to your needs.

Pætur Jakobsen

Managing director

Johan J. Joensen

Managing director

Árni Jakobsen

Chairman of the board

Consulting Engineering since 1969

SMJ Consulting Engineers was established in August 1969 by
Sofus M. Jakobsen, to whom the acronym SMJ refers.

SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting firms in the Faroe Islands, and we offer consulting within our four main areas: Building, Energy, Aquaculture, and Water.