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Vágar Airport

Vágar Airport issued a competition in January 2011 for comprehensive consulting regarding the renovation and expansion of the terminal at Vágar Airport. Four consortia participated in the competition, with the FAERPORT consortium winning. On June 17, FAERPORT signed an agreement with Vágar Airport to provide comprehensive consulting as the terminal is to be designed and tendered. The inspiration for the new terminal of P/F Vágar Airport came from the British barracks built in the Faroe Islands during the war.

The distinctive arch that the barracks had has been modernized, and at the same time, the terminal looks like an international departure hall. In addition to the terminal, a service building is being constructed to house the administration of Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways, Posta, and Taks. Part of the service building will be a fire station and garages for snow removal machines. The buildings total 6600 square meters.

More pictures can be found on the websites of SNA and Árni Winther Architects. See a segment from Dag og Viku below.

6.600 m2
Vága floghavn

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