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SMJ delivers energy system solutions for businesses and institutions, focusing on comprehensive plans for transitioning to more sustainable energy.

Amidst global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the challenge is compounded by increasing energy needs. SMJ addresses this by leveraging new, cost-effective technologies for energy production and storage, facilitating the transition towards sustainable energy solutions. We provide comprehensive guidance in energy-related planning, production, delivery, and storage, steering communities towards sustainable energy.

SMJ is dedicated to expanding knowledge in sustainability, ensuring it becomes an integral part of our services. We assist organizations and businesses in reducing their carbon footprint through thorough operational analyses and strategic planning. This approach is increasingly relevant in the building industry, where there is a growing demand for sustainable practices and CO2 emissions calculations.

SMJ’s extensive experience in designing and implementing energy systems rooted in sustainable practices has proven instrumental in aiding our clients, including municipalities, corporations, and institutions, in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy

From energy source to usage: efficient energy utilization. Choosing the right energy source for the situation. Reducing consumption through insulation and control.


Environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for heating, with long life and minimal maintenance. SMJ offers expertise in dimensioning heat pump systems.

Ocean Heat

Utilizing sea heat, especially useful in the Faroe Islands where sea temperatures remain relatively warm in winter, enabling efficient energy use.

Transmission and Distribution

The process of transferring electricity from power plants to substations, and then to consumers.

Power Plants

Designing electrical systems considering user consumption needs.

District Heating

An eco-friendly communal heating solution providing green, affordable heat with minimal maintenance.

Waste Heat

Repurposing heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Waste Recycling

Advising on optimal recycling of waste, including potential energy extraction from waste materials.

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Managing director

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Consulting Engineering since 1969

SMJ Consulting Engineers was established in August 1969 by
Sofus M. Jakobsen, to whom the acronym SMJ refers.

SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting firms in the Faroe Islands, and we offer consulting within our four main areas: Building, Energy, Aquaculture, and Water.