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Terraforming LIFE

Together with Icelandic and Norwegian collaborates, SMJ is working on a project, co-founded by the European Union. The project is called Terraforming LIFE, and its’ main objective is to design and develop technologies and methods to create an Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture system where aquaculture, agriculture farmers, and agriculturists are at the heart of a circular economy.

A combination of processed sludge, dead fish and animal manure will be digested in a biofertilizer plant to produce biogas and biofertilizer. This process will significantly enhance the circular economy, by increasing the circularity of valuable nutrients. Furthermore, the conversion of organic waste into biofertilizer, will produce green energy in the form of biogas.

First Water
Collaboration partners
First Water, Orkidéa, Olufs Culster, the Icelandic Farmers Assosiation, Blue Ocean Technology

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Project Management
Súsanna Poulsen

Teamleader Environment