Einki úrslit

Nauteyri Smolt Farm          

Háafell has ambitious plans to increase their current production levels in Nauteyri, Iceland. SMJ has developed a master plan to achieve this goal. The plan includes rerouting pipes at the facility, transitioning from a flow-through system to a recirculation system (RAS). Therefore, a new RAS system needs to be designed for the facility. The consulting includes:

  • Production plan
  • Project management
  • 3D laser scanning of existing geography
  • Technical and biological design of the RAS system
  • 3D model of existing and new facility
  • Biological status assessment of the current facility
  • Implementation of biological safety procedures
  • Compilation of tender and quantity lists
  • Contract negotiations

Interested in Learning More?

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Andrias á Roykheyggi

Aquaculture Consultant

Johan J. Joensen

Managing director