Einki úrslit

Nitrification and Water Quality

A special bacterial culture with efficient nitrifying bacteria is used in some cases as a starter for nitrifying biofilters at smolt stations. This is done to enhance existing nitrification or to shorten the start-up time in new systems. By introducing bacterial culture into the system, a solid nitrification foundation is ensured, providing optimal conditions for good water quality and smolt production.

Personnel from SMJ have purchased and implemented bacterial cultures for both Hiddenfjord and Bakkafrost.

Novozymes has been the supplier of these bacteria. After the tasks for Hiddenfjord and Bakkafrost, SMJ has worked directly for Novozymes to develop the product for RAS systems. Among other tasks, we have handled:

  • Dosage calculator
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Financial benefits of shortened start-up time

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Egil Gunnarsson

Aquaculture consultant