Einki úrslit

Welcome to SMJ

We would like to welcome Hákun Eli Johannesen, Hans Vilhelm á Bakkanum, and Ingi Joensen to their positions at SMJ.

Hákun is a graduate civil engineer, having completed his final exam at Aalborg University in December. We congratulate him heartily on his graduation. During his diploma engineering studies, he interned with us and has since been employed as a student worker. Hákun has already gained substantial knowledge in aquaculture and energy issues, two of SMJ’s areas of work. We are pleased that he has now started full-time with us.

Hans Vilhelm is also a graduate civil engineer from DTU and will work at our office in Tórshavn. His specialty is HVS, ventilation, and indoor environment.

Ingi is a graduate biologist from the University of the Faroe Islands and has extensive experience in aquaculture. He has been the manager of the smolt station at Fútakletti for Hiddenfjord for 16 years. He was responsible for operating and expanding the station, and now this smolt station is among the most advanced. Fútakletti has a long history of successful outcomes. Ingi will be one of the leaders in our advisory team providing consultancy to the aquaculture industry.

We are delighted that Hákun Eli, Hans Vilhelm, and Ingi have joined the team at SMJ.