Einki úrslit

Sandoy Tunnel Opens for Public Traffic

Today is a special day for all residents of Sandoy and the entire Faroe Islands as the Sandoy Tunnel opens for public traffic. We have had people traveling daily with Teistan across the Skopunarfjord for several years. Currently, there are four employees from Sandoy.

Smj has been in charge of construction management and technical supervision of the electrical work. It’s the trio, Kristmar, Jóhan Magnus, and Kristian, who have been working in the tunnel.

A while ago, it was necessary to decide how the tunnel should be decorated, a task undertaken by Edward Fuglø. Since a tunnel is dark and the art requires a good lighting solution, Edward consulted with Kristmar about what was possible. We are proud that our person and SMJ have played a role in the artwork, so captivatingly created by Edward Fuglø.